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RWANDA: Youth Receive Robust Education and Grow in Faith

Completed Project

Project Overview

School renovation builds local leaders and provides community with jobs and stability

Timeline: 1 year

Anticipated Lives Impacted: 11,600

Total Amount Requested: $64,960


In their own words:

“Karama Geoffrey, a parent who lives in Ngoma district, is one of the parents who pioneered the Itetero Christian School. He has two children who attend. Their behavior has, in his estimation, improved under the guidance of this school. They are developing very disciplined and hard-working young students. … He believes that at Itetero Christian School children are provided with a quality education based upon Christian values and ethics for spiritual, social and economic development.” — reported by Diocese of Kibungo officials


Rwanda has taken major steps toward reducing illiteracy rates among adults. However, these efforts have not made their way to some rural districts, including Ngoma, where Kibungo Diocese is located. In Ngoma, government educational targets remain unmet, and poverty makes achieving educational goals even more difficult.


Itetero Christian School is located in a poverty stricken rural area where children have little to no
hope of receiving vocational training or education. Many orphans and children from needy families live in Ngoma, which struggles with poor infrastructure. One of this region’s greatest needs is to create a safe, healthy environment for children to study in order to grow spiritually, physically, mentally and socially, and become contributing members of society. The school began as a preschool and has expanded to include a primary school. To date, the school offers preschool through grade three. Construction of the upper primary school – grades four through six – is near completion.


With this project, Kibungo Diocese will complete construction of the upper primary portion of Itetero Christian School. Children will no longer need to travel to other regions to finish their education or be at a high risk of dropping out of school. This project will also enable both skilled teachers and non-professional personnel to secure jobs.

Life Impact

This project benefits at least 11,600 people, some through multiple impacts:

  • 10 community members will be economically empowered by working at the school
  • 360 children will be empowered through a quality education and will grow in their faith, with an expected growth to 3,600 over the next decade
  • 1,000 community members will engage with the local Anglican church by contributing to the school’s expansion
  • 11,600 parents, guardians and parishioners will be exposed to Christian teaching as they take part in the dedication of the school

Project Design

Itetero Christian School began as a daycare and nursery school serving 52 children and has since grown to 221 children up to grade three. As children have graduated to higher levels, their needs for educational support have also increased. The school has completed work on new classrooms for grades four through six, but more work is needed. This project will fund the plumbing for the new rooms, construction of a computer lab and library, and a gated fence around the school. The library and computer lab will allow the children in higher grades to conduct research and become academically competitive with students from other cities. The fence and gate will help ensure the children’s safety. This project also provides students with desks and textbooks, which the school will own and provide to future students. Parents will be required to pay school fees. The completed school is expected to serve 360 children a year.

Kibungo Diocese is located in the Eastern Province and serves an estimated 11,600 people. School activities will be advertised throughout the diocese. It is estimated that 1,000 people will contribute toward the school construction, including diocesan parishioners. As the school expands, it will offer boarding facilities and employ about 10 community members, thereby increasing their income.

The school’s headmistress will oversee daily administration duties. The diocesan secretary and bishop will supervise construction of the girls’ hostel. The church has a building committee, headed by a professional engineer, that provides guidance and oversight for the construction process.

Track Record

Itetero Christian School has a successful track record of providing quality education for children at lower levels. School construction through the diocese began in 2006; all stages of this construction were successful and fully funded. The diocese has also been raising funds internally in order to continually contribute to construction projects.

Project Budget

Construction of computer lab, library: $15,692*

Roofing, building gate door and finishing: $15,030**

Water tanks, gutters and plumbing: $11,000***

Chain fencing and gate: $9,508

Research and evaluation: $6,960

Labor/staff for constructions: $6,770 (Funding also provided locally: $1,240)

Furniture and books: (Funding provided locally: $1,327)

Transport for building materials: (Funding provided locally: $4,200)

Total: $64,960 (Additional funding provided locally: $6,767)

* includes ground level preparation and foundation for library and laboratory for $5,846 and walls for library and laboratory $9,846
** includes roofing and finishing for $11,537 and gate door for $3,493
*** covers cost of water tanks for $3,077, gutters for $4,615 and plumbing system for $3,308

Risk Analysis

Low: 1, Low/Medium: 2, Medium: 3, Medium/High: 4, High: 5

Concept: Risk Level 1

The Diocese of Kibungo covers a large portion of Eastern Rwanda, where a lack of schools means children have few opportunities to receive a quality education. This project clearly responds to a felt need for access to schooling.

Program Design and Experience: Risk Level 1

The local community and Anglican church leadership strongly support this school. Since its inception in 2006, the school has developed a strong track record of successful building projects. By teaching children Christian values at an early age and maintaining a positive learning environment in all of its levels, this school increases children’s chances of remaining rooted in these values as they grow.

Leadership: Risk Level 2

The Anglican bishop overseeing this construction is in good standing and has a great deal of experience with schools. The school’s headmistress has more than 10 years of experience in education. However, since the bishop is serving under the Anglican church, he could easily be transferred to another diocese. The board’s ability to provide continuity in this work will help mitigate this risk.

Financial Control: Risk Level 3

Itetero Christian School has stable management and secure methods of transferring funds. However, its lack independent governance and its financial statements are not externally audited. The organization is operating in excess of available funds.

Sustainability: Risk Level 2

Once the project is complete and the children are attending school regularly, the project will not require further funding. Day-to-day operating expenses will be covered by school fees. However, the project relies on community members contributing matching funds or volunteering their labor.

External: Risk Level 1

Rwanda is now a politically stable country, and the implementer is not relying on a third party to complete this project.

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