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CONGO: Pastoral Training Center Boosts Community Development

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Read full Impact Assessment: ARDF-0410-Bukavu-DRC-IA-In Progress

In Their Own Words:

“Now the diocese has its own house, which will help us during seminars, workshops regarding counseling, management of trauma, gender and development, and actions against poverty. Women will benefit from it very much. Thank you to ARDF, our partner, and praise the Lord,” said Rebecca Machozi, a female youth worker with the Diocese of Bukavu.


Violence and conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have caused, directly or indirectly, the deaths of millions of people and led countless more residents to become displaced in their own land. Bukavu, the capital city of DRC’s South Kivu province — located near the border with Rwanda and Burundi — was a hotspot for violence in the 1990s and early 2000s. Poverty and a weak civil infrastructure left much of the country dependent on foreign aid. From this tumultuous history springs a need for healing from trauma, conflict resolution and increased economic opportunities. Organizations that address these issues would benefit from income-generating projects that make them less dependent on donations.

The Anglican Diocese of Bukavu constructed the Bukavu Peace Center, a multipurpose conference center, where
church leaders are now able to learn about reconciliation, theology, evangelism and discipleship. The goal is that
conference fees will generate income for the center, covering its operating costs and allowing the diocese to invest in other projects that serve the community. The completion of this conference center can promote economic independence, act as a catalyst for other development projects, and foster peace and reconciliation.

With construction completed in October 2012 and the center opening in February 2013, only a fraction of the 16,469 beneficiaries have been impacted and $1,370 generated in income. It is recommended that the diocese provide ongoing progress reports on the project’s impact and income generated before it is considered for future funding.

Pastoral Training Strengthens Biblical Outreach and Boosts Community Development

Diocese of Bukavu – The construction of the Bukavu Pastoral Training and Community Development Center was approved in the amount of $93,959 in September, 2010, by the ARDF Trustees. The project is well under construction after several delays but several elements of the project have run over the budget putting the completion of the project in danger. The Congolese Government has created the taxation of goods since the proposal was submitted and this has caused the increasing of the price of all good in the country including all construction materials by more than 30%. Therefore, the Diocese of Bukavu has requested the approval of additional funds for this project.

Funds Needed: $26,510

Full Project Information: ARDF-DRC-Pastoral Training

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