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UGANDA: New Facility Enables Church to Increase Social Outreach

Completed Project

Project Overview

Programs include Bible study, Sunday school, counseling, literacy and income-generating skills 

Timeline: 1 year

Anticipated Lives Impacted: 530

Total Amount Requested: $72,800

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In their own words:

“I come from a family of many children and [when] there is no money, it is the girl who is supposed to sacrifice school. … I had to drop out of school. But thanks to St. Thomas Kasenyi Church, I was enrolled in [its] income-generation activities [program]. The course I took was tailoring and I graduated after studying for two years. I was able to obtain a sewing machine and now I am self-employed. With my income, I help my parents pay [school] fees for my younger siblings.”
— Marble Kobusingye, 25 years old


Much of Uganda is adversely affected by high poverty levels, high illiteracy rates and high HIV prevalence rates. Churches in Uganda also are struggling financially. While they are able to afford buildings to house Sunday services and a small office for the local priest, they are not able to expand church facilities and programs to combat the ills that plague Ugandan society.


At St. Thomas Kasenyi Anglican Church in Uganda, parishioners meet for Sunday services. However, the church is not able to reach out further to the community due to a lack of space. Other activities, such as Bible studies, sessions for vulnerable women and children, Sunday school classes for children and counseling programs, are housed within the church building or the office of the priest.


St. Thomas Kasenyi Church will build a resource center to create much-needed space for Bible studies, Sunday school, counseling, literacy and income-generation training programs. The facility also will be used for community outreach programs where the Gospel will be preached. It is estimated that up to 500 people in families will experience increased income and 80 others will gain literacy skills as a result of the new center.

Life Impact

This project benefits 530 people, some in multiple ways

Spiritual Engagement:

200 women receiving income-generation training attend counseling sessions on family, marriage and other concerns based on biblical teaching; 20 people complete literacy education training that enables them to read and write Bible passages; and 10 people are trained and begin to provide counseling to other women based on biblical teaching, as evidenced by attendance records

Community Engagement:

500 people in 100 families benefit from increased income though skills gained in tailoring, baking, knitting and catering; 10 girls are equipped to train others on income-generating enterprises and 20 girls are equipped and start income-generating projects that raise their standards of living

Project Design

St. Thomas Kasenyi Church of Uganda will build a new facility to serve as a resource center. Construction will take about a year. The center will be used for a variety of church programs, including Bible studies, fellowship meetings, conventions, counseling programs and adult literacy classes. It also will be used to reach out to vulnerable women and children via training in income-generating skills. While St. Thomas Kasenyi Church awaits completion of the new facility, activities will be temporarily housed within the church compound. A women’s desk will be set up to respond to the needs of women in the community. Church leaders will identify 10 people to be trained as counselors and, as a result of this training, they will respond to the needs of women. Each of the trained counselors is expected to deal with at least 20 cases a year, thereby benefiting 200 women.

In addition, the church will identify 30 girls to be trained in income-generating skills. Skills include
tailoring, baking, cooking and knitting. As a result of this training, the girls will be empowered economically. A total of 20 of the girls will either find employment or start a small business, thereby improving their standard of living and that of their family members. A total of 100 people will benefit from this training (five members per family). The church also will conduct adult literacy classes for 20 people in the temporary shelter, enabling them to read and write and understand the Word of God for themselves. When the resource center is completed, more people will benefit from these programs. For example, an estimated 100 girls a year will be trained in income-generating skills and an estimated 80 people a year will attend adult literacy classes.

Measuring impact: Program counselors will keep records on the number of people who receive counseling and training, as well as those who attend Bible studies and fellowship meetings.

Track Record

St. Thomas Kasenyi Church has been training young girls in income-generation skills using the pastor’s office as the class room. Sunday school classes and other evangelistic meetings have been held in a temporary shelter. Since the inception of this project, more than 100 girls have been trained in income-generation skills, 200 couples have been counseled, and 20 people have been able to go through adult literacy classes.

Project Budget

Technical labor: $14,500

Roofing and flooring: $13,000

Finishing and plastering: $9,000

Wall plate work: $8,000

Research and evaluation: $7,800

Down proof course work: $6,000

Shuttering: $5,000

Ring beam work: $3,500

Site clearing: $3,000

Verandah: $3,000

Unskilled labor: (Funding provided locally: $8,000)

Training: (Funding provided locally: $4,000)

Materials for adult literacy: (Funding provided locally: $3,000)

Total: $72,800 (Additional funding provided locally: $15,000)


Risk Analysis

Low: 1, Low/Medium: 2, Medium: 3, Medium/High: 4, High: 5

Concept: Risk Level 1

This church resource center project enables the community to better address issues that are negatively impacting it.

Program Design and Experience: Risk Level 2

Church activities, such as weekly fellowships, income-generation training sessions, and counseling, have been successful in the past. The church is reaching out to the community by offering these services, but it is up to the people in the community to make full use of the programs and the facility.

Leadership: Risk Level 3

Church activities, such as weekly fellowships, income-generation training sessions, and counseling, have been successful in the past. The church is reaching out to the community by offering these services, but it is up to the people in the community to make full use of the programs and the facility.

Financial Control: Risk Level 3

St. Thomas Kasenyi Church has stable management and secure financial transfer methods. It lacks externally audited financial statements and independent governance as all are members of the Anglican Church. Also, the size and cost of the project is quite large compared to operating expenses. To mitigate this risk, the transfer of funds will be truncated, based on milestones reached and progress reported.

Sustainability: Risk Level 1

St. Thomas Kasenyi Church has strong community and church endorsement. The resource center project will not need continued outside funding. The activities to be carried out in the new church hall will not need external funding for sustainability.

External: Risk Level 1

Uganda has enjoyed political stability for more than 20 years. The implementer is not relying on a third party to complete the project.

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