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MALAYSIA: Girls’ Hostel Provides Educational Opportunities

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Project Overview

Anticipated Lives Impacted: 410 (girls who receive housing and education, family members of students, parishioners who mentor the students)

Grant amount: $26,864 (Cost per beneficiary: $65.52)

Sector: Education

How Can You Contribute?
For $2,336, you can cover the renovation costs for one female student. For $11,680, you can cover the renovation costs for three female students.

Approved by the ARDF Global Trustees: June 2017

Project Description

The Orang Asli are an indigenous group in West Malaysia who live off the land far from educational and economic opportunities. Their historically isolated life in remote villages and forests means they have had limited access to good schools. Without education, these indigenous children will remain in poverty. This is increasingly important since the traditional hunting and foraging lands of the Orang Asli are disappearing as economic development grows in Western Malaysia. Children need to learn practical skills applicable in the modern economy. As Archbishop Moon Hing (of Southeast Asia) says, “They need to learn how to take care of animals, not simply shoot them.”  

The Anglican Diocese of Malaysia will purchase an old house and renovate it for use as a Christian hostel for girls. A house has been located, adjacent to a boys’ hostel, completed three years ago. (Current male students are featured in the photograph above.)

Most importantly, the ten female Orang Asli students will be mentored by members of local Anglican churches. Many of the Orang Asli have never heard about God and this is a real opportunity for the church.  Fortunately four churches share a vision for providing holistic training and spiritual guidance for secondary students and provide a counterpoint to the growing Islamization occurring in the region. As parishioners open their hearts to the Orang Asli, both groups will encounter God in powerful new ways.

In Their Own Words:

Before I came to Rumah Shalom, it was very challenging for me to find someone to guide me in my education. Now, a lot of problems related to my studies are solved through [enrollment] in Rumah Shalom. I like this community. I have made a lot of friends in Rumah Shalom. Besides, I like to study with them. … God is blessing me a lot in my education and in [my] health.
– Sken bah Ngah, 17, from Kg pawong, Simpan Pulai, Malaysia

Read the full report on the project here, or download a summary here.

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