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KENYA: New Worship Facility Doubles as Community Outreach Space

Completed Project

Project Overview

Growing population benefits from a new church building that also earns rental income

Anticipated Lives Impacted: 1,750 Actual Lives Impacted: 1,912

Total Amount Requested: $76,330 Actual Amount Spent: $88,639

In their own words:

“St. Elizabeth Church Munami has been a pillar for ministry and evangelism of our area since 1948. I am in ministry today because of this church. [I became] a Christian at a young age. As we develop [the] new sanctuary, children and future generations will continue to grow in their knowledge of God by the ministries provided by this church.” — evangelist William Muruka, Munami, Kenya


St. Elizabeth Anglican Church of Kenya, part of Mumias Diocese in Kakamega County, is located in Western Kenya. Despite Kakamega County’s natural resources, more than 60 percent of the people live in poverty, which is 8 percent higher than the national average of 52 percent. People living there face high unemployment, few commercial enterprises, low agricultural productivity, high rates of child labor and school dropouts, strong population growth and a high youth-to-adult ratio.


St. Elizabeth’s Anglican Church has long played a central role in mobilizing and uniting the rural community of Munami Parish through its worship services, Bible studies, classes for women and events for children. The church building was 50 years old, and had cracks in the walls. Those who worship there feared that the structure might collapse. To continue its programs and help the community rediscover its life in God, the parish needed to rebuild its worship and community facilities.


Through this project, St. Elizabeth Church was rebuilt and equipped so it could continue to provide vital programs that benefit the community, particularly women and children. With an ever-growing membership, opportunity for church growth is high. The parish plants to rent the multipurpose hall for meetings and events, which will generate a source of income to maintain the multipurpose hall, provide clergy training and offer parish outreach programs.

Life Impact

This project benefited at least 1,912 people, some through multiple impacts:

  • 1,619 people grew in their faith by attending weekly services at the new church, with continuing growth expected
  • 293 people were empowered by participating in church outreach events, including an agriculture training (at a new demonstration farm on church grounds) designed to encourage the adoption of modern farming technologies.

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