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KENYA: Food Processing Improves Local Economy

Current Project

Project Overview

Anticipated lives impacted: 1,750 (Small-scale farmers who adopt new agricultural techniques)

Grant amount: $57,500 (Cost per beneficiary: $32.86)

How can you contribute?
For $1,350, you can provide a motorcycle for field extention officers. For $2,500, you can provide the farm produce and materials for 875 farmers. For $5,000, you can provide the farm produce and materials for 1,750 farmers.

Project Description

This project will open a new processing plant which will increase the profitability of local crops while it simultaneously produces affordable, nutritious food for the local community. In partnership with Kakamega county’s agricultural extension services, Munami Agro Processing-Anglican Development Services will open an agro-processing plant in Kakamega county. This plant will encourage farmers to adopt new farming techniques and to cultivate crops that generate higher incomes. These crops are more nutritious than sugar cane, which has historically been grown in the region. Funds will enable Munami Agro Processing-Anglican Development Services to start operations at the already constructed processing plant, purchase a boiler, and train 1,750 small-scale farmers to adopt new farming techniques that will lead to increased yields. $25,000 of the funds for this project are an interest-free loan to be paid back to ARDF. Munami Agro Processing has a detailed business plan with clear financial projections and the processing center is expected to make a profit in the second year. These repaid funds will be used to fund future small-scale ARDF development projects.

In their own words:

“Before training by Munami Agro Processing and Anglican Development Services, I used to plant maize [corn] that was not profitable at all. However, this training enabled me start growing soya, [which] has been a revelation to me. I harvested seven bags from my one-acre farm…Adopting new farming techniques has enabled me to expand by leasing land from other people…I have been certified as a farmer trainer and participate in training of other community members. When the processing plant becomes operational, I will earn more income because of [the] value addition to my soya.” — Agnes Nakhone, a farmer and mother of three children, Munami, Kakamega County, Kenya

Read the full report on the project here, or download a summary here.

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