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GHANA: Rural Residents Access Vital Healthcare

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In Tiboko Township, Ghana, poverty rates are high and residents are in poor health. Teenage pregnancy is prevalent and problems of illiteracy, self-medication, poor sanitation and poor hygiene have created a high morbidity rate. Due to the poor infrastructure and lack of health facilitators, residents of Tikobo Township have to travel hundreds of miles to seek health services. The nearest hospital is in the district capital, over 50 miles away.

With the support of the national government, the diocese has the opportunity to meet a practical need through a rural health clinic. By renovating and equipping a health clinic to serve the people of Tikobo, the Diocese of Sekondi will educate people on proper health and hygiene, family planning, and voluntary HIV testing. This gives the church an excellent platform to share biblical values and the Scriptures.

In the past, the diocese has successfully operated three rural health centers that have served more than 100,000 people. One of the clinics has since grown into a hospital that serves a district headquarters. This will be the first clinic in Tikobo and it is expected to significantly reduce the number of deaths from treatable illnesses in the region.

Like all ARDF projects, this is a true partnership. A local villager who is a member of the Anglican Church has donated his home to the diocese to be converted into a healthcare facility. The local chief and elders have pledged to provide communal labor for construction. The national Ghana Health Service will pay for medical personnel services. The diocese will cover the cost of the clinic infrastructure, operating expenses and healthcare personnel training.

In Their Own Words

“In the academic year in September 2016, my 22-year-old [and] last born has been given assistance by the medical board for a nurses training course. At the moment what I can say is ‘Thanks be to the glorious name of Jesus whom we serve with our whole hearts for we can now attend medical treatment free.’”
—Matthew Nkrumah, Catechist of the Anglican Church at Nyankamam, Sekondi, Ghana

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