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GHANA: Youth In Slums Learn Job Skills and Grow in Faith

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Project Overview

Anticipated Lives Impacted: 500 (Youth receiving vocational training and technical skills, youth and families recommitting their lives to Christ)

Grant Amount: $89,010 (Cost per beneficiary: $178.02)

Sector: Education

How Can You Help?
For $11,250, you can supply the materials and labor for a roof. For $15,500, you can supply the windows and the doors. For $20,500, you can build the foundation for the center.

Project Description

Social Outreach is at the heart of the Diocese of Accra. This is necessary because the youth of Ghana face difficult challenges as they grow into adulthood. In the poorest suburbs around greater Accra, youth must deal with political violence, armed robbery, rampant drug and alcohol use, and a scarcity of jobs. The government of Ghana cannot meet all of the needs for job creation and other social services. Without meaningful employment, young people turn to gangs, petty theft and illegal drugs. Many girls drop out of school and some are swept up into prostitution. Hospitals report a rising rate of HIV/AIDS infections among young people.

The Diocese of Accra will build a Youth Development Center, where vocational and spiritual training will provide young people aged 17-25 with opportunities and hope. To develop job skills, training will include technical and computer skills as well as adult education. The center will also offer recreational facilities, a community library, and a youth savings and credit cooperative.

Construction will be done in four phases over an 11-month period. Once completed, the center will serve over 300 young people in the community in its first year.

In Their Own Words:

“The training I received helped me to start my own business. It is [a] program I will always urge every young man in the Anglican diocese of Accra to participate in. I initially was reluctant and did not want to join the program, but when I did so, I have never regretted the decision to join. I learned and gained a lot … It is a program that brings together young people to learn and become better people in the community…. I encourage young people to participate in this program because it through this that we will create jobs and wealth for our people.”
— David Obisama, entrepreneur and beneficiary

Read the full report on the project here, or download a one-page summary of the project here.

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