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UGANDA: Diocese of Masindi-Kitara, Hostel Helps Girls Receive and Education

Completed Project

Project Overview

Supervised housing provides safe accommodations for girls attending school far from home. 

Actual Lives Impacted: 6, 370 (over expected lives impacted of 3,820)

Total Amount Requested: $43,375

Total Amount Spent: $46,349 ($2,974 in local contributions were given as well)

Project Summary

The Masindi district in Western Uganda has experienced an influx of migrants over the past decade. Many families have difficulty meeting basic needs, making school dispensable. Families that have money for schooling tend to prioritize the education of boys over girls. The Diocese of Masindi-Kitara started a high school to educate local children whose families are too poor to pay school fees. The school teaches academic subjects while instilling discipline and moral values through God’s Word. The school, which had 182 students enrolled in 2013, offered boarding for boys, but sent girls who live too far to commute to rent living space in town. Girls living on their own can be vulnerable to peer pressure and exploitation. To mitigate this risk, the diocese built a hostel specifically for female students who live too far to commute. The hostel helps to ensure their safety by living on campus.

In their own words:

“I joined the school in 2012 as a senior … but one challenge I faced was that I could not commute on a daily basis and had nowhere to stay near the school. I am one of the few that school management has managed to get accommodations near the school premises, and this has benefited me a lot. … Getting accommodations within the school premises will go a long way in helping those of us who come from far so that we are able to benefit from all the activities of the school, such as extra lessons in the evening and Bible study classes.”

— Tracey Ngonzebwa, 15, student at Masindi-Kitara Christian High School

Track Record

Since opening in 2011, Masindi-Kitara Christian High School has developed a good reputation in the area. The district has also run a 500-student primary school for more than 10 years. The schools offer a high-quality, subsidized education to local children that includes studying the Scriptures and an array of academic subjects.

Read the Full Research Report and the Final Evaluation of this project.

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