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D.R.C.: Farming Initiatives Fight Poverty

Food insecurity is always a byproduct of conflict. Recent wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have displaced farmers and reduced the output of agricultural crops, especially in three local communities. This project addresses the need in a holistic way by combining agricultural and spiritual training.

Surprisingly, only 10% of arable land in the DRC is farmed. By working through local pastors and community leaders, the Diocese of Katanga will improve food security for farmers in the Kalemie Area. After initially training a group of community leaders, seeds will be distributed in time for the fall planting season. The farmers will be able to grow excess crops, sell them at market and repay the Diocese for the seeds. The Diocese will then train a second season of farmers. The Diocese is partnering with both the broader Church in the DRC as well as the Ministry of Agriculture in Katanga to ensure that the training is appropriate and effective.

The project will also provide a truck to use at harvest time and a mill to process crops. Because this project has broader, holistic goals, 12 pastors will receive training to preach in 45 local churches while some local women will receive classes in literacy.

The Diocese of Katanga has implemented similar programs before and, based on its reputation, has attracted funding from the African Development Bank, World Food Program, and the DRC government. This project will continue to create sustainable solutions to one of the most hungry nations in the world while addressing the spiritual needs of a population affected by years of conflict.

In Their Own Words

“I started as a small-scale tomato farmer in my village. But the training I received from the Anglican Church helped me become a better and smart farmer. I learned new skills that became a new beginning for my business. With $250 from the Anglican Church, I expanded my tomato farming business that continues to support my family. Today, with that activity, I am able to get money and start to rebuild my life and also educate my three children.”
— Bilonda Ngoie, farmer and mother of three

This project has been fully funded and we are awaiting the final report.

Read the full Investment Opportunity report for this project.

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