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GHANA: Clinic Brings Medical Care to Rural Ghanaians

Completed Project

Can you imagine having to travel great distances to receive medical care? What if your child was dying and you were used to having to go on the bus to the next town to see an affordable doctor? Check out this testimony from a nurse at a new medical clinic built by the Anglican Diocese of Accra (Ghana).

“I have seen so many lives … saved since I started working here. The profound one I would like to share is about a little child who suffered severe malaria and was sent into the clinic one fateful afternoon, almost at the point of death. It happened that the mother had kept the child in the house till the illness became very severe before rushing him to the clinic. What saved the child’s life that … day was the closeness of the clinic to the patient’s house. The child arrived almost gone, but by God’s grace, we were able to save his life. He now lives with his parents, living happily, and they are very grateful.”
— Sophia Asare, a nurse at Pokuase Medical Clinic

Since opening, this clinic has been seeing 250 patients a month and is fully staffed with 13 medical staff and seven midwives, paid by the government which keeps this low cost clinic financially sustainable.

Like all ARDF projects, there is a spiritual component. Patients, their families and other community members now have the opportunity to interact with God’s Word through daily devotions and weekly Bible studies. Last summer two chaplains were assigned to the clinic and a chapel was established. Volunteers from the church are encouraged to visit the sick. It is the hope that the ongoing ministry of the clinic will heal residents both physically and spiritually.

Funds Requested: $87,360  Amount Spent: $90,160

Full Proposal Information: ARDF-Ghana-Accra-Medical Clinic

Read the Final Report here.

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