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BRAZIL: Church Reconstruction Provides Hope After Flood

Completed Project

Diocese of Recife – The North and Northeast regions of Brazil are home to the Amazon Rainforest, the poorest area of the country and is prone to heavy flooding and mudslides. During heavy rains in July 2011, Rio Paraiba overflowed, causing extensive flooding and landslides in 26 cities. The flood waters destroyed many homes and buildings including St. Stephen’s Anglican Church. The government condemned and demolished the church and 120 homes in this poor agriculture community. Through this project, St. Stephen’s Anglican Church will be rebuilt and equipped so it can once again provide vital training programs in English, computer technology, and agricultural skills. A free medical assistance program that will benefit the community, particularly women and children will be restored.

Funds Needed: $71,680

Full Project Information: ARDF-Brazil-Church Reconstruction

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