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BURUNDI: Natural Water Springs for Neglected Communities

Current Project

Project Overview

Anticipated Lives Impacted: 14,000  (Recipients of clean water as well as and people receiving hygiene training)

Grant Amount: $40,692 (Cost per beneficiary: $2.91)

Project Status:
This project is in the second half of implementation. We will present the final evaluation once it is completed.

Approved by the ARDF Global Trustees: November 2016

Project Description

The most recent presidential election in Burundi caused political turmoil and instability. It also disrupted the economy, resulting in malnutrition and other illnesses caused by contaminated water. Currently, the existing springs serving humans and livestock in the Buye Diocese liquid and solid wastes that come from the hills and households through erosion. The Anglican Diocese of Buye will improve 28 water springs, giving people a source of clean, safe water. Two leaders at each of the 28 sites will be taught to provide hygiene and reconciliation training for their communities. They will also be instructed how to maintain the springs. The Diocese of Buye will involve local community members at each step in providing clean water to new communities. The diocese has already begun working with local authorities and health agents to determine the placement of the 28 new springs in Butihinda and Giteranyi counties. The diocese will oversee the transportation of construction materials and the completion of each spring. Local participants at each site will be recruited to gather stones for the construction of the springs and to help clear the land. This engagement encourages villagers to be more involved in their communities and the work of the diocese. Technical workers will use brick, sand, cement, and steel to construct the new springs. Once operational, the water quality will be tested and then made available to the local community. This project is based on a similar past project which was highly successful in bringing water and scriptures to the people of Buye. Over 26,000 people gained reliable access to clean water through this completed project.

In their own words:

“The Anglican diocese of Buye has rescued many lives from drinking unclean water by improving [the] water spring here at Mugomera. The Gospel of salvation proclaimed through that church is applied into a tangible social action by providing clean water that safeguards our health. As I consider that protecting water equals [protecting] people’s lives, I wish the Anglican Church to move ahead in implementing such project[s] in as many areas as possible.” — Ngendakumana Godiose of Mugomera, Burundi

Read the full report on the project here, or download a summary here.

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