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D.R.C.: Young Farmers Become Food Secure in Two Kasai

Anticipated Lives Impacted: 1,130  (farmers being trained, parents able to pay school fees, young farmers returning to the land)

Grant amount: $68,023 (Cost per beneficiary: $60.20)

How can you contribute?
For $150, you can buy one of 15 bicycles that will be used by the agriculture extension service, along with the motorcycles.
For $1,300, you can purchase one of six motorcycles that will be used to take the produce to market.
For $4,100, you can provide all of the chicks and goats that the farmers will receive.
For $8,080, you can cover the salaries of the diocesan staff being brought in to help ensure the success of the project.

Approved by the ARDF Global Trustees: May 2016

Project Description

Kasai Oriental is deemed one of the poorest provinces in the DRC. In this diamond-rich region, food production has fallen short of demand thanks the population’s dwindling interest in agriculture. According to a September 2015 USAID report on food security in the region, demand for food in Two Kasai outpaces supply making the region a net importer. Poor storage and abysmal transport conditions constrain trade and lead to poorly integrated markets, which significantly limits household food access.

This project will teach farming skills and provide seeds and extension services to local families. It recognizes the lack of transportation and will provide motorcycles and bicycles so that diocesan agricultural staff can effectively follow up with participants in the program and help bring crops to market.

The Diocese will use its own 24 acres as a learning farm to train carefully selected participants. Training will include land preparation, crop selection, crop breeding, field management, post-harvesting activities and recording keeping. In addition to receiving mentoring by experienced farmers, the participants will be taught scripture by local priests. The project is targeting 18-35 year olds, specifically those who had previously abandoned agriculture for the diamond mines.

All of ARDF projects are holistic, providing practical help with spiritual growth. In Two Kasai, the pairing of scriptural teaching and practical agricultural training will improve the overall health of the community.

In Their Own Words

“I remain thankful to the diocese [of Two Kasai] for their help, which has gone a long way in improving the living conditions of my family.”
Marie Claire Mujinga Mushiya, 47, from Mbujimayi, DRC and former recipient of diocesan training and technical assistance

This project has been fully funded and we are awaiting the final report.

Read the full Investment Opportunity report for this project.

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