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ARDF Requesting Aid for the Province of Sudan


The Republic of South Sudan officially declared its independence on July 9, 2011 to become the United Nations 193rd member country. South Sudan’s independence was the final stage of a 6 year peace agreement ending decades of civil war. In January 2011, nearly 99 percent of South Sudan voters approved a split from northern Sudan in an internationally backed referendum. However, peace has still not been achieved. There still remain crucial issues such as border demarcation, sharing of debt and oil revenues and the use of the North’s pipeline that have not be resolved. Fighting, especially along the proposed border areas still is intense and violence continues.

Tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the fighting in Sudan are struggling to find enough water to drink and cook with, leading to the deaths of an unknown number from dehydration and diarrhea. The UN Refugee agency estimated on June 20, 2012 there were more than 150,000 refugees in Sudan. More than 35,000 people have fled Sudan’s Blue Nile State in the past month. The refugees have fled bombing and ground fighting between Sudan’s military and a rebel group historically associated with South Sudan. Many of the refugees have walked two to three weeks to reach the border with South Sudan. The majority of the new arrivals are women, the elderly and children, an indication that men stayed behind to participate in the fighting or to tend their fields.

At the Provincial Assembly, Baroness Caroline Cox, Honorary Chair of ARDF,provided information about the humanitarian crisis in Sudan and requested our prayers and financial partnership to assist with water, food and medical supplies. ARDF is partnering with the Humanitarian Aid Relief Fund, HART US, inspired by the vision and mission of Baroness Cox, to provide relief funds for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Sudan.

Please join us in extending a hand to our Anglican brothers and sisters in Sudan by making a donation today!


Or, to financially assist in Sudan relief, please send a check to our secure lockbox at:

ARDFP. O. Box 3830

Pittsburgh PA 15230-3830

with “Sudan Relief” in the memo line.

85% of funds donated to the ARDF Sudan Relief will be used for relief and development in Sudan with 15% used for administrative costs including the PayPal fees.

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