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New Lenten Mite Boxes and Prayer Guides for 2014!


March 5th, 2014 is Ash Wednesday.

How will you and your church observe Lent this year?

Here at ARDF, we are overjoyed to offer our new Lenten Mite Boxes and Prayer Guides (click here to view as a PDF) that will help young people and families in your congregation connect with their poor brothers and sisters around the world and God’s great love for them.

To request Mite Boxes and Prayer Guides click here!

Each day, you will learn something new about our brothers and sisters in Christ living in Myanmar, Uganda, Peru, Pakistan, Ethiopia and around the world and have the opportunity to place a small donation in your mite box on their behalf. Most importantly, you will read suggested daily prayers for those suffering in poverty this Lent.

Did you know that 842 million people around the world don’t have enough to eat?

Lent is a forty day season of the Church Calendar based upon Jesus’ forty days of fasting in the desert. It is a time of reflection and remembrance in which we acknowledge our own need for mercy and the desperate needs for food, security and love in the world around us.

During Lent we recognize that we are all equally poor–whether spiritually or materially–before God, and equally the recipients of His radical Grace.

Mite boxes are small containers used by the churches and individuals to receive special donations. Traditionally, the season of Lent has been a time of giving to those in need as we acknowledge our own need. Please join us in reflecting upon the Grace of Christ and responding with generosity and compassion.

To request Mite Boxes and Prayer Guides, click here!

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