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Nepal Team Update

ARDF on pilgrimage in Nepal

ARDF Team Members in prayer in Kathmandu – photo credit Kevin Patterson


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2/27/2017: ARDF’s first mission trip is underway! More a pilgrimage than a standard mission trip, since last Friday, the ARDF team has been engaging with Nepali Christians as well as Nepali culture. Here is a first update from the team. (Subsequent updates can now be found here and here.)

The first day the team visited two churches and were so blessed to have worshiped with them. Many of the people on the team were very moved by the services. Afterwards, the team had the opportunity to spend time with the pastor of one of the churches and to learn his story. This was all very inspiring.

The second day, in contrast, they visited multiple Hindu Temples and learned about Nepali culture. It was a fascinating day comparing the Western, Christian worldview with that of the Nepali Hindus.

The team is relying on our prayers. Please pray for:

1. The team made it safely to Dhading, which is the region in Nepal where most of the earthquake-affected churches are located. It was a five hour bus ride through treacherous roads and hazardous driving conditions. We are grateful for safe passage. However, there have recently been additional aftershocks in the area so please pray for continued travel mercies.

2. Peace and revelation from God on the power of his spirit in the church of Dhading. The team is working among the “untouchables” which is a new experience for many of the North Americans.

3. Pray for the Church of Nepal that it would continue to grow and that God would raise up local leaders to continue the development of his work here.

Thanks and God bless!

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