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Lent 2018: God’s Grace is Sufficient

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This page will help you pray through the various ARDF projects highlighted in the 2018 Lenten Prayer Guide.

Week of February 18 – Promoting Good Health through Safe Education
Have you ever been seated next to someone coughing and were worried that you might catch their sickness? In Ghana, an overcrowded girls hostel at St. John’s Anglican School means that diseases spread quickly, posing a health risk for the entire school. The Diocese of Tamale, Ghana is building a new dormitory for girls which will both boost female enrollment by over 300% and keep health risks in check. The next time you are near someone who seems sick, will you pray for these female students in Ghana who desperately want to continue their education in a healthy and safe environment?

Lord we praise You for the increasing availability of educational opportunities in Ghana. We pray for St. John’s Anglican High School in Tamale, Ghana. We pray that those who will receive education as a result of this project will also receive You into their heart.

Explore this project further and read the entire research report here.

How to contribute? $304 covers the construction costs for one girl.

Ash Wednesday – Healthcare in Cameroon
Can you imagine living where there are only two doctors for every 10,000 citizens? That is the reality for people living in Cameroon! The Diocese of Cameroon will build a Christian health clinic and will have the opportunity to share that God is the ultimate healer! If you drive near a doctor’s office, hospital, or medical building on your way to church, will you pray for the church in Cameroon and their desire to offer physical and spiritual healing to their people?
Lord, we pray for the Christian health professionals who do the work You have given them to do in Your name. We praise You for the healings You will bring to the Cameroonians and those that will come to know You in the process.

Explore this project further and read the entire research report here.

How to contribute beyond prayer? $738 builds half of the clinic’s foundation.

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