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Lent 2018: God’s Grace is Sufficient

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This page will help you pray through the various ARDF projects highlighted in the 2018 Lenten Prayer Guide.

Week of March 18 – Two for One in Zambia
Who uses your school building after the kids leave for the day? Many schools host community groups and sports teams. In Zambia, a new ARDF project will expand a Teacher Training College and offer agricultural training to local farmers when the students are on holiday. This larger, flexible use facility will address two key needs of Zambians: teaching additional literacy teachers for rural schools and training farmers in modern agricultural techniques so that they may farm more productively.

Lord, we pray for the farmers in Zambia, that they would be receptive to new ideas that will increase the yields of their fields. We also pray for the literacy teachers who will be trained in the expanded facility. May they go forth to teach Zambians in Your name and to Your glory.

Explore this project further and read the full research report here.

How to contribute? $181 pays for one beehive for the demonstration farm to be used as part of the  agricultural training.

Week of March 11 – Creating Jobs in Accra, Ghana
Have you ever struggled to find a job or a source of income? Youth in a slum outside of Accra, Ghana face difficult challenges including high unemployment. As outreach to this community, the Diocese of Accra is building a community center where youth will be able to receive job training, Bible-based mentoring, counseling, and leadership development.
Lord, we lift up the church in Accra. The challenges for the youth there are so great but You are greater. We ask for Your protection for these youth, that they would avoid the worldly temptations of the slums and would walk into a meaningful relationship with You.

Explore this project further and read the full research report here.

How to contribute? $1,000 pays one-eight of the anticipated electrical installation costs.

Week of March 4 – Reaching the Unreached in Malaysia
Has your church ever adopted a refugee or a family in need? Three churches in Malaysia are doing something similar. They are welcoming girls into their church school and communities from a nomadic tribe in an area of the country with no educational opportunities.
Lord, we pray for the girls who will leave their families to come to the Rumah Shalom school. We ask that You would create deep relationships between the girls and the church community members and that all of the students at the school would come into a deep relationship with You.

Explore this project further and read the full research report here.

Praise God, this project is in it’s final stages of implementation.

Week of February 25 – Caring for Christians in Pakistan
Have you ever faced discrimination? Has someone looked down at you for any reason? Extreme Islamization in Pakistan has led to increased discrimination against Christians. Many children are orphaned when their parents are killed or are forced into Muslim marriages. Without access to education, these children will grow up with limited economic options. With ARDF funds, the newly constructed Christian Vocational Training Center will be able to house and feed 150 vulnerable children.

Lord, we ask You to bless the Christian children of Lahore, that they would feel Your comforting presence. We ask that the vocational trainings they attend at the Christian Vocational Training Center would create economic opportunities so that they can earn a living and live a respectable life when they grow up.

Explore this project further and read the entire research report here.

How to contribute? $250 gives one student a vocational education.

Week of February 18 – Promoting Good Health through Safe Education
Have you ever been seated next to someone coughing and were worried that you might catch their sickness? In Ghana, an overcrowded girls hostel at St. John’s Anglican School means that diseases spread quickly, posing a health risk for the entire school. The Diocese of Tamale, Ghana is building a new dormitory for girls which will both boost female enrollment by over 300% and keep health risks in check. The next time you are near someone who seems sick, will you pray for these female students in Ghana who desperately want to continue their education in a healthy and safe environment?

Lord we praise You for the increasing availability of educational opportunities in Ghana. We pray for St. John’s Anglican High School in Tamale, Ghana. We pray that those who will receive education as a result of this project will also receive You into their heart.

Explore this project further and read the entire research report here.

How to contribute? $304 covers the construction costs for one girl.

Ash Wednesday – Healthcare in Cameroon
Can you imagine living where there are only two doctors for every 10,000 citizens? That is the reality for people living in Cameroon! The Diocese of Cameroon will build a Christian health clinic and will have the opportunity to share that God is the ultimate healer! If you drive near a doctor’s office, hospital, or medical building on your way to church, will you pray for the church in Cameroon and their desire to offer physical and spiritual healing to their people?
Lord, we pray for the Christian health professionals who do the work You have given them to do in Your name. We praise You for the healings You will bring to the Cameroonians and those that will come to know You in the process.

Explore this project further and read the entire research report here.

How to contribute beyond prayer? $738 builds half of the clinic’s foundation.

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