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Kayakers Raise Money for Clean Water in South Sudan

kayakers 1Lots of creative Anglicans are getting on board with ARDF’s Summer Focus: Clean Water for Vulnerable Communities in outside-of-the-box ways.

Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church in Danvers, MA will be hosting a Kayaking Day on August 24th that will help raise money for ARDF’s clean water projects in South Sudan.

There are expected to be about 20 participants, and ARDF will provide T-shirts for the group. Learn more about Christ the Redeemer’s Canoe and Kayak group. 

Would you or your group like to support ARDF in a creative way? Have you thought about…

  • Hosting your own water-themed event?
  • Using your birthday to support ARDF projects?
  • Setting up a car-wash, or bake sale to support ARDF?
  • Getting sponsors for a 5-K or other race?

There are lots of ways to support ARDF besides donating directly. Get in touch to brainstorm with us about how you can get involved!

Help raise awareness:
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