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Join ARDF at the 2013 Anglican1000 Summit


Bringing together hundreds of Anglicans from across the country, the Anglican 1000 Church Planting Summit begins Monday, March 4th, in Wheaton, IL. Speakers include Alan Hirsch, Darrin Patrick, and Dr. Wes Hill (more information).

ardf_ad_final2-detailWhy is ARDF excited to be at a conference dedicated to church planting in North America? Because we believe two things:

  1. The Church is truly global.
  2. The Great Commandment and the Great Commission are integrally linked.

Because the Church is global, a congregation in North America can form a real partnership with a church in the Global South to bring hope and improved quality of life to its underdeveloped local community. Because the Great Commandment and the Great Commission are equally vital expressions of Christ’s love, church planting and evangelism can and should be integrated with works of mercy that meet physical needs–especially through sustainable development!  Read our Mission Statement.

We believe that it is vital for all local churches to have world mission in their DNA from the very beginning.

Breakout Session

We will be offering a breakout session entitled, Discovering the Anglican Relief and Development Fund

Description: ARDF is the ‘underdiscovered jewel’ of ACNA. As the other half of ACNA’s outreach efforts, ARDF is a critical ministry of our denomination for those who suffer poverty and lack of resources around the Anglican Communion and especially with our Global South partners. This break out session will explore the global work of ARDF with a special report on our recent trip to South Sudan, Congo, and Rwanda, discuss the resources ARDF offers to churches and especially church plants, and explain the role of ARDF in ACNA and the broader Anglican Communion. The stories from our fellow Christians in the Global South will be an inspiration, especially about what they’ve sacrificed in order to partner with ACNA.

The Rev. Bill Haley will speak at the breakout session. Bill is the Associate Rector at The Falls Church Anglican, Director of Coracle, and is Trustee of ARDF. Bill is pictured below visiting an ARDF project in the DRC (far left):


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