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Youth Volunteers are Blessing ARDF

ISAAC Jernigan — Youngest ARDF Advocate

Fifteen year old Isaac Jernigan was fourteen when he signed on as an ARDF Advocate “to help people who need help and to tell other people how they can help the same people. It’s a really good thing to do for people who are being persecuted.” In June he attended the ACNA Provincial Assembly where he was impressed with Baroness Cox’s talk and her experiences.

When asked for a quote, his first thought was the Bible verse “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13). He continued, “St. Paul was totally right when he wrote this. Don’t let barriers get in your way of God’s intention for you. If God calls you to help people who are in need, don’t let other things get in the way of that. Just do it!”

Isaac’s many other interests include a second degree black belt in Taekwondo. He loves all kinds of games, running, reading science fiction, photography, and drawing. He is a member of the youth group at Church of the Ascension (since he’s the only teen in his congregation of St. Elizabeth’s), Vice President of the Economy 4-H, a library volunteer, and on rare occasions a reluctant substitute pianist.

Recently, Isaac encouraged his two younger brothers to support ARDF. The 3 boys donated $21,36 to ARDF. Isaac would like to challenge each of you to contribute $25 or more to ARDF today.

To donate securely to Isaac’s Challenge using any major credit card, click here:



The Joys of Taking a Leap of Faith

Anna Milograno also attended the ACNA Provincial Assembly. An excerpt from her reflections is below:

“One . . . incredible God moment was the way He orchestrated my meeting with Baroness Cox. She is an awesome woman, who, at age 74 , travels constantly to places like Sudan and Burma, passionately working on behalf of the persecuted church . . . Friday morning I let God take control of my day and basically followed Him wherever He took me. I left the youth morning session early so I could go down to Spilman Auditorium to hear the Baroness speak.

Her talk was as incredible as people said it would be. Something my university requires is a Cross-Cultural Experience. In order to graduate from Asbury University, we have to travel to a different country and serve there for at least 7 days and 6 nights. I have yet to fulfill mine, and as a rising junior I still had no idea what to do or where to go, but Baroness Cox’s talk renewed my excitement for the trip . . . .

The next morning at breakfast I had the chance to meet her. I thanked her for speaking and mentioned that her talk help motivate me to fulfill my cross cultural requirement for school. She took that to heart and introduced me to Donna Munday, her Executive Director for HART in the US. Then both of them gave me their business cards and encouraged me to email them so they could keep me updated about the different trips HART would be planning in the future. Baroness asked me what the next year looked like for me, and it was possibly something could happen next summer after I finish my spring semester in May This was beyond anything I could have imagined or anticipated to happen at the Assembly. I still can’t believe how God did it, but then I guess that’s why He’s God and not me.”

Anna Milograno is an undergrad at Asbury University in Wilmore, KY studying media communications. She is a member of The Falls Church Anglican. To read more of Anna’s story, click here.

Part-Time Work Study Student Lena Bratton

Lena Bratton is a home-schooled teenager from Baden, PA who works at the ARDF office part- time as a work study student.

In May, the office manager asked the Lord to show her how ARDF was connected to the Anglican Church. She discussed this with Lena giving her a rough idea of what she saw and asked Lena to draw a picture that would represent their discussion. Lena drew the amazing picture to the left.

Lena enjoys all types of music, plays a variety of instruments, sings in her church choir, has a younger sister named Abby and loves Jesus.



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