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Giving Stock To ARDF


A gift of appreciated stock or mutual funds is a tax-wise way for you to support the Anglican Relief and Development Fund.

  • Since you will be making a donation to a qualified charitable organization and donations may be deducted on your federal income tax return as an itemized deduction, consider donating appreciated stock from your investment portfolio instead of cash.
  • Giving stock, bonds and mutual fund shares that have increased in value (and which the donor has owned for more than one year) generally provide greater tax benefits to the donor than giving cash.
  • The donor can deduct the full market value of the gift and avoid any capital gains tax on the appreciated stock.
  • To ensure that your gift qualifies for an income tax deduction, your stock must be transferred by December 31st.
  • However, more importantly, giving stock to ARDF will allow us to continue our mission of transforming lives through high-impact community development projects! Thank you for support of ARDF.
  • ARDF has a brokerage account with Morgan Stanley as follows:

Ms. Lisa C. Williams, Senior Registered Associate
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
One PPG Place, Suite 1300
Pittsburgh, PA  15222
1-412-434-8551 (direct dial)
1-412-291-3380 (FAX)


The account name is:
Anglican Relief and Development Fund
Account: 617-104065-128


Please contact William E. Deiss, Executive Director, at 703-307-4339 or to advise ARDF that a transfer has been made.

Gifts of stock will be recorded on the day the stock is received in our brokerage account. You will receive a written acknowledgement to confirm receipt of your gift.

This is for informational purposes only.  The Anglican Relief and development Fund is not in a position to offer financial advice.  We recommend reviewing any gift plan with your personal advisors.

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