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2017 Pittsburgh Marathon

Support a Runner Now!

For the fourth year in a row, young Anglicans from Pittsburgh will be running the Pittsburgh Marathon to raise funds for ARDF! Who are they are why are they running? Let’s find out!

Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer
I’ve been running for much of my life – on the Cross Country and Track teams in high school and college and on trails and community courses since. This will be my fourth year at the Pittsburgh Marathon.
As the assistant pastor at St. Stephen’s Church, I am delighted to raise support for the ARDF’s Malaysian church project. Having a community of faith is so important for our walk with God. Raising funds for our displaced Malaysian brothers and sisters is a great way to make community more accessible in their lives.


Jessica Bryan

Jessica Bryan

I have always loved running, and after the birth of my first child it became one of my favorite alone time activities. Running is my time to be quiet, reflect, and pray. I also love training for races and setting personal goals. This will be my sixth year participating in the Pittsburgh Marathon and I am especially looking forward to seeing my three little boys cheering on the sidelines!
As a member of St. Stephen’s church, I am excited to raise support for the ARDF’s Malaysian church project. A solid church community has been vital in my walk with the Lord, and I hope for the same type of community for our Malaysian brothers and sisters.


Jonathan Deyton
I’m not much of a runner; typically I’m drawn to sports where you sprint for 30 seconds and take a break (i.e., ice hockey). It wasn’t until my wife persuaded me to run in the 2016 Pittsburgh Great Race that I realized the thrill of being able to run for an extended period of time. I’m looking forward to completing a leg of the relay in this year’s Pittsburgh Marathon.
ARDF’s Malaysian church project will give Christians in Malaysia a place to unite in what is a predominately Muslim country. Having a structure dedicated to worshiping and spreading the truth of who Jesus Christ is will encourage and strengthen our brethren half way around the world.

Victoria Deyton

Victoria and Jonathan Deyton

After begrudgingly running an exhausting 400 meter race in middle school track, I vowed never to do so again. I traded track and field for softball the next season, only to rejoin the track team in high school and, as fate would have it, the 4×400 relay team. I loved the team camaraderie and I discovered there is no other thrill quite like a sprint to the finish. I have run the Hershey Half Marathon and Pittsburgh’s Great Race. This is my first Pittsburgh Marathon.
Running for ARDF’s Malaysian church project is an honor. What a special way to reach out to our teammates on the other side of the world and show them love that transcends borders. The body of Christ is much like a relay team…we train together and cheer one another on because we are all in this together.


Earl Johns

Earl Johns

I’ve been an avid runner for the past approximately 30 years, after I started work upon completion of graduate school. Initially I fell in love with running while living in the Rocky Mountains because of the beautiful mountain scenery. Now it is a habit that I consider simply fun and healthy, and gives me a chance to meet people. I’ve run two marathons, but I stick to shorter distances now. I am exited to be a part of a relay team and be a part of the Pittsburgh Marathon. I’ve been an active member of the Anglican Church for many years, using my gifts of music or leading small groups and I look forward to supporting my brothers and sisters in Malaysia. The Anglican Relief Mission, which this run will support, will be helping to complete the building of a new church in Malaysia. The church community was forced to move by a dam resettlement project. Although this community does have a church building, as of now they have no furnishings at all and the church is often surrounded by mud and therefore pavement is also desperately needed. It is important to support our fellow Christians in this predominantly Muslim country and any contribution you feel you can make will be greatly appreciated. I’ll have fun running for this cause and hope you can be a part of this too.

Jane Kirkland

Jane K

Jane Kirkland

I have been running since college when I was looking for the most convenient way to avoid gaining the “freshman 15”. I have done a lot of traveling during my career and always find that an early morning run is the best way to explore a new city. While I currently “major” in rowing, running continues to be my favorite form of cross-training. I have run one full marathon (Philadelphia) and many half-marathons.

Last year, I ran with a ran St. Stephen’s team and enjoyed raising funds for ARDF while turning in a respectable finish time thanks to my teammates who ran six and seven-minute miles. I am looking forward to running the race again and raising support for an ARDF project to help a congregation in an impoverished area of Malaysia finish a church building project

Marjorie Loresch


Marjorie Loresch

Until this year my running experience has been related to training for other sports, but I recently ran a 5k with some friends and enjoyed the sense of community that running provides. This will be my first year participating in the Pittsburgh Marathon relay.

I’m excited to join others from my church family at St. Stephen’s Church to raise support for the ARDF’s Malalsian church project. I have been so blessed by my own local church, and I’m hopeful that God will similarly bless our Malaysian brothers and sisters through this project.


Joshua Morden

Josh M

Josh Morden

I have enjoyed running as a hobby since college. I have run other races in the past, but this will be my first year to run in the Pittsburgh Marathon. I am excited to participate with the relay team from my church, St. Stephen’s Church in Sewickley, PA, to help raise funding to complete the ARDF’s church building project in Malaysia. God desires His children to care for each other’s needs, and this fundraising effort will be a fun way that I can contribute to that.



Sarah Underwood

Sarah Underwood

I’ve been running regularly for a little over ten years now. I don’t work to improve my time or increase mileage – I do it because it makes be feel alive and keeps me healthy! Though my time running is something I enjoy free of specific goals and expectations, I am looking forward to being part of a team and running for something other than my own pleasure. I view running as a mental break – time to slow the firing synapses and let my mind “rest.” Recently, however, I’ve been learning that true, life-giving leisure is not a temporary shutdown of the mind but instead an opportunity to “tell myself the story of who I am,” that is, a beloved daughter of the High King and an accepted member of His royal family. I hope to spend this training time telling myself this story and praying for the rest of my family world-round.


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