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Here are 7 ways you can help empower local Anglican churches in the developing world to transform their own communities:



We put prayer first on the list because we absolutely believe that the success of our work depends on God’s mercy. The staff of ARDF is formed by prayer and we hope that you will join us in praying for our brothers and sisters around the world and generosity here in North America.


Advocate_iconBecome an Advocate

Ready to make an impact? As an ARDF Advocate, you will speak on behalf of the poor and become part of a community dedicated to Christ-centered social justice. Find out more.



Raise Awareness

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, then invite your friends to do the same. Just by sharing a one of our posts you can help get the word out and change lives.



Give the Gift of Hope

Our Gift of Hope program makes it easy for you to donate to ARDF in honor of a friend or relative who cares about the poor. It will mean a lot to your loved one–and it will mean hope to the people you are helping escape from grinding poverty and despair. Give hope today!



Become an Employee, Volunteer or Intern

Share your gifts and talent directly with ARDF by becoming an employee, volunteer or intern. There is always a way to get involved. Check out our Careers Page.




Get Creative

Are you an artist, musician, baker, athlete or creative thinker? How about finding sponsors for an athletic event, hosting an open mic night or art show, setting up a car wash, or organizing another creative event to raise money and awareness for ARDF? We would love to help you brainstorm.




Every dollar allows us to empower local Anglican Churches to transform their own communities through high-impact, sustainable development projects. Check out our projects: eduction, vocational training, clean water, food security, economic empowerment, healthcare and much more!

Help raise awareness:
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