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First Person Report From Nepal


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This relief update comes from The Rev. Bill Jerdan and the REC Board of Foreign Missions: 

A friend serving in the Anglican Diocese of Singapore Mission Office, and who speaks the Nepali language, participated in the first Diocesan team to arrive in Nepal following the first earthquake. He is allowing us to share below some excerpts from his personal notes. Your gifts to ARDF support Christians like this as they provide help and comfort to the people of Nepal in Christ’s name.

I was in the first ACROSS (Anglican Crisis Relief Outreach and Support, Singapore) medical team of 9 to Nepal.

We arrived on the 6th May and left on the 13th – exactly 8 days in Nepal.

Two days were designated to a place where no medical help was available, in a place 3 hours’ drive east of Kathmandu, near Nagarkot

The next 2 days we tended to members and neighbours of Nazarene, Golgotha, Living Hope and Petra Anglican Parishes (in or near Kathmandu).

We wanted to go to Dhading Besi (near the epicenter of the earthquake and center for a number of Anglican parishes) and then up to one of the Tamang villages, but were advised not to as the military had blocked the roads there.

The real big need are the people in the rural hills and mountains.

We had a fruitful trip and were comfortable as we hired a trekking company to manage our accommodations, transportation and food as we were not sure of the actual situation. The local pastors were busy with their own ‘survival’.

On arrival at the airport, I noticed lots of relief stuff brought in by other countries left on the airport tarmac, as they were rejected by the Government or not claimed due to improper or incomplete documentation or who knows whatever reasons.

However, I was surprised that in Kathmandu itself, life seemed normal except for the scattered fallen or damaged buildings – mainly old run down ones or those that were badly constructed. The government was successful in getting about 1 million people back to their villages by providing free transport. So the capital was less populated and easier to manage.

It was a joy to be with the (orphan) children at Pastor R-‘s home. How fast they have grown. I could still remember most of their names.

Pastor P- was proactive in trying to get help up to the Tamang villages. Understandably as they are his people! (I am now working to get funds from Singapore out to them to buy sheet metal and what cover we can get to them before the monsoon rain comes in June. Pray that it will be late this year! There are over 1,600 families up in the Dhading rural area (and most of their homes are probably destroyed). Please pray that things will move fast.

When the second big tremor happened last Tuesday, we were running a Medical Clinic and I could see fear and desperation in the people, only to realize how deeply unstable their emotions were. The Nepali people with us were so quick to get out to the open. I am still feeling very sad for them. Pastor P-‘s baby boy trembled when he heard thunder when we had dinner with them the previous evening. The wrath of the Lord would be many times more than any earthquake!

ACROSS is planning another medical team 25 to 31 May. I will probably be going too.

Learn more about ARDF’s response to this crisis.

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