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Welcome to Advent. We at ARDF love that our tradition allows for this rich time of expectation. We are called to slow down and wait for Christ to come. Like any rich relationship, it takes an investment of time to grow and mature.

In 2017, we are celebrating the way the local church reaches out to their communities in times of crises. For this first week, we remember our brothers and sisters in Egypt. Like many other countries, Egypt is not immune to radical violence. But the church has responded in surprising ways.

Anglican ministries in Egypt to the refugee, the incarcerated, and to the impoverished have actually led to a growth in the church. Non-believers are welcomed with love and care into all of these programs. Additionally, the church has promoted bridge building by hosting Imam-Priest exchanges so that relationships of understanding can be build. Never sacrificing their Christian beliefs, the church promotes these exchanges to allow for mutual respect and a chance for peace.

It is not easy to be a Christian in Egypt. But by offering practical love and aid as well as the chance to form authentic relationships, many new churches are being planted.

We are grateful for this church and its leadership in a very difficult context. Please pray¬†for those who risk their lives in Egypt to practice their faith and ask for protection as they continue to work for the Lord’s glory.

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