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Egyptian Crisis: The Vulnerable Need Your Help

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The situation in Egypt is still very dire. The streets remain unsafe for many ordinary Egyptians whose lives have been violently disrupted by this political crisis. There is no time to lose as we seek to respond to this humanitarian need: donate online.

The Diocese of Egypt is appealing for immediate financial assistance in order to serve the poor and marginalized who are particularly affected by the social and economic unrest. Archbishop Mouneer Anis, a trusted ARDF partner and International Trustee, describes the situation:

The last few weeks have been traumatic for Egyptians. We witnessed bloodshed on our streets, vandalism and the deliberate destruction of churches and government buildings in lawless acts of revenge. One of our Anglican Churches was attacked, and other ministries received threats. We praise God that our churches and congregations are safe, but we grieve for the loss of life and for the churches which were burnt over the past week in Egypt.

The Anglican Church in Egypt serves all Egyptians, Muslims and Christians, especially the disadvantaged and marginalized, through our educational, medical, and community development ministries. We seek to be a light in our society, and we continue to serve our neighbors in the difficult situation which surrounds us. Unemployment is at a record high, there is a lack of security on the streets, the economy is in decline, and poverty is crushing for many people in Egypt…

Some examples of ways that you could give are:

  • Provide a meal for a poor child ($1 US per day)
  • Visit to a doctor ($2 per visit)
  • Food to feed a family ($5 per day)
  • Subsidy for nursery fees for a child ($20 per month)
  • School fees for a year ($50 per year)
  • Emergency surgical operation ($100 per operation)”

Click here to donate online. Your support will allow our Anglican brothers and sisters in Egypt to demonstrate the love of Jesus to poor and vulnerable people during this time of crisis. Thank you for your generosity.

All gifts are used as designated.  However, in the unlikely event that a relief effort becomes over-funded, your gift will be applied to ARDF’s development work in Egypt and the Horn of Africa. 85% of funds donated will be used for the relief and recovery in the affected areas with 15% used for administrative costs including credit card fees.

Egypt Children

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