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Church of the Province of Myanmar Development Partners Roundtable Report

yangon-portYangon’s skyline and busy port.

“We know you love us because you are here,” said Archbishop Stephen Than Myint Oo of the Church of the Province of Myanmar (CPM). More than 70 representatives from various Anglican NGOs and ministries, including ARDF, had gathered in Yangon for a Development Partners Roundtable meeting on February 25-26, 2014.

The Archbishop, who is also an ARDF Global Trustee, went on to share CPM’s dual vision for both Church Development and Community Development and partnership with Anglican brothers and sisters around the world.

We were thrilled to participate in the Roundtable and to strategize with our partners in Myanmar about how to expand our partnership with CPM, a partnership that began all the way back in 2006. ARDF’s representatives were welcomed by CPM with open arms, nightly festive meals, and a palpable sense of shared membership in the Body of Christ.

childCPM is a perfect example of how powerful working through local Anglican churches can be.

The Province has a long history of sponsoring creative community development projects in areas such as education, economic empowerment, healthcare, and agriculture.

Through organizations such as the Mother’s Union and the Development Desk, CPM has already improved the lives of thousands of everyday people in numerous cities and villages.

Even better, CPM continues to seek out opportunities for fruitful ministry. The Province is committed to expanding its community development work and achieving financial self-sufficiency at every level. The Development Partners Roundtable served as a highly effective opportunity to discuss how partnerships with overseas organizations, such as ARDF, can resource this important expansion.

This is exactly what we love: supporting proven, high-impact projects that offer great return on investment and lasting life-change.

mu-memberMothers Union Member.

Above all, we were deeply encouraged by how our brothers and sisters in CPM combine both a deep commitment to the Gospel of Christ and a commitment to serve the poor.  Instead of seeing a zero-sum relationship between these ministries, they believe that gospel proclamation and community development are better conceived as two complementary ways of expressing God’s love.

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A message from Archbishop Stephan Than Myint Oo to Anglicans in North America:

myanmar ARDF representative, Charles Treichler, visiting ARDF projects in Myanmar.

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