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How a Child Soldier Met His Maker

“We had war here. The young people joined the rebel groups. When the government took control, they came back to society. But they were troublemakers in the society because they are not employed. Also, those who are drug addicted, they do nothing. The government doesn’t care for them. But as a church, if we can […]


What to Do When Disaster Strikes

Disasters can happen anywhere and to anyone. What do you do when disaster strikes close to home? How can you get the help you need? While the Anglican Relief and Development Fund was created mostly to meet international needs, we can respond to large-scale domestic disasters by working with a local diocese of the Anglican Church in […]


Three Reasons why ARDF is Starting a Blog!

Welcome to the ARDF blog.  Why does ARDF need a blog? We have a lot of great stories of powerful partnerships transforming lives.  And we want you to know about them! International aid can be complicated. ARDF works to empower local leaders but many in the US don’t know that side of ARDF.  We want […]