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How a Rebuilt Church Brings Glory to God

You probably don’t go to church thinking the walls will collapse on you. But this is exactly what the Kenyan congregation of St. Elizabeth’s Anglican Church feared, given that their 50 year old building had cracks in the walls. Fortunately a grant from ARDF has allowed the congregation to rebuild their church. But as you know, […]

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Meet a New Friend

Later this spring, ARDF will be introducing Walk with Rwanda to churches across North America. We don’t want you to miss out as this opportunity is the exact model of sustainability that ARDF loves to support. Imagine that you are in charge of a large social service organization in a developing country with limited staff and no […]

World Mission Sunday 2017

How Will You Celebrate World Mission Sunday?

February 19th is World Mission Sunday! Every year this Sunday is an opportunity to both celebrate and encourage one another in our efforts to proclaim the Gospel in both word and deed.  “In that day you will say: ‘Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done, and […]


New Year Thoughts from the Executive Director

Executive Director’s Christmas Reminder December 26, 2016 Dear Friends, Christmas Day is over.  The family preparations, the time with friends, the warm thoughts involving the season, the special music and worship services, the joy and light of Christmas decorations … all of this will be soon over.  But the miracle isn’t the festivities. The miracle […]


Praying for Hope

When did you last reach out to someone who was different from you? When did you last forgive someone? The church in The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is doing these things under very hard circumstances. We have mentioned one of these projects before. It gives boys who were formerly rebel soldiers a chance to rebuild […]

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Did You Miss It?

#Giving Tuesday was yesterday. This year ARDF partnered with Wendell Kimbrough to bring you a new worship song called “Seeds of the Kingdom.” As Wendell says, “It is about God building His kingdom through the church, through us.” Many of us already sing Wendell’s music in our churches. But if you don’t know of Wendell, […]


Thankful Hearts

Happy Thanksgiving! This week we want to share a few of the things we are most thankful for! We are thankful for our Global Archbishops, who guide ARDF’s strategic direction, keep us firmly tied to the church and travel great distances to come to our meetings. We are thankful for Wendell Kimbrough who is partnering […]

Global Council Meeting Participants, Singapore 2016

That’s a lot of Purple!

ARDF is here in Singapore this week for meetings with our Global Trustees. What’s with all the purple shirts? ARDF’s unique model means that US stakeholders do not select which projects get funded. Sure, we have researchers who do due diligence and ensure that the projects we fund will be sustainable and effective, transforming lives […]



Life without Clean Water. It is hard for us to understand what it is like to live without access to clean drinking water. Every day we turn on the tap without wondering if the water we drink will make us or our children sick–or even be fatal. This is why so many of us were troubled […]


What? An adoption?

AFDF has agreed to adopt Walk with Rwanda, a US capital campaign working towards financial sustainability for The Anglican Church of Rwanda. This post might be a little “techy” for non ACNA folks, but hang in there. This adoption is great news, especially for the people of Rwanda. In June, US Anglican churches that had […]