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Pancakes Draw a Crowd for Famine Relief

By Jeff Walton, Restoration Anglican Church, Arlington, VA Shrove Tuesday is a time of abundance at my Virginia parish. Volunteers at our annual pancake dinner served up 400 pancakes, 16 pounds of bacon, 90 sausage links, 6 pounds of strawberries, 6 gallons of orange juice, 2 gallons of milk, and a table full of toppings. But on […]

Bill Haley and Daniel Pun

Slum as Sacrament – A Jerusalem in Kathmandu

By Rev. Bill Haley, ARDF-US Trustee & Executive Director of Coracle (where this article is also posted ) 03/03/2017 – The slum of Danaseri in Kathmandu, Nepal is a sacred place on par with the island of Iona in Scotland, St. Peter’s in Rome, Jerusalem, and Lourdes. Danaseri doesn’t look like much at first glance. It […]

ARDF Nepal Mission Trip Team in Kathmandu

Another Nepal Update

03/02/2017 The ARDF team in Nepal has almost finished their pilgrimage. Today they are spending a “free day” to reflect and pray on the country, its needs, and what God is saying to them in this journey. Boy do they wish you all could see Nepal! The mountains are huge and flying in you see snow […]


Nepal Team Update

  Donate now for Nepal Community Development through the Anglican Church 2/27/2017: ARDF’s first mission trip is underway! More a pilgrimage than a standard mission trip, since last Friday, the ARDF team has been engaging with Nepali Christians as well as Nepali culture. Here is a first update from the team. (Subsequent updates can now be found […]

Famine Button (v3)

Fast for Famine Relief

DONATE NOW   “I am borrowing food items from businessmen in Wau market because people are starving at the door of my house specially elderly people, pregnant mothers, women who have just delivered and children who have been separated from their parents.” -The Rt Revd Moses Deng Bol, Bishop of Wau “Parts of South Sudan […]


Mustard Seeds

This week the ARDF US Trustees are meeting in Raleigh, NC at Holy Trinity Anglican. They will gather with ARDF staff to both celebrate and strategize. Our board is great! They are thoughtful, gospel loving folks who feel passionate about global missions and the great commission. Since this group last met in October, eight new […]


If I Had a Hammer…

Update from the Field In October, we wrote about the success of a 2014 vocational training school in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was so successful that in May 2016, a second such school was approved—in a different town. Now we have received a report that the building for the new school has been constructed—indeed, […]

ARDF- 0314-Diocese of Mumias-St Elizabeth-IA (004)

How a Rebuilt Church Brings Glory to God

You probably don’t go to church thinking the walls will collapse on you. But this is exactly what the Kenyan congregation of St. Elizabeth’s Anglican Church feared, given that their 50 year old building had cracks in the walls. Fortunately a grant from ARDF has allowed the congregation to rebuild their church. But as you know, […]

Rwanda_4c_light_Logo (1)

Meet a New Friend

Later this spring, ARDF will be introducing Walk with Rwanda to churches across North America. We don’t want you to miss out as this opportunity is the exact model of sustainability that ARDF loves to support. Imagine that you are in charge of a large social service organization in a developing country with limited staff and no […]