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ARDF-0617-Diocese of West Malaysia-Malaysia-IO

Reaching the Unreached in Malaysia

“They need to learn how to take care of animals, not simply shoot them.”  This is why the Archbishop of Southeast Asia, The Most Rev. Ng Moon Hing  started an educational program for the Orang Asli, a historically nomadic indigenous group living in the forests of Western Malaysia. A school run by the church accepts […]

Children in Tabora Tanzania want to continue their education

A Safe Place to Learn

Imagine you are a girl who wants to continue her education at high school. And your parents agree to send you! However, you live in rural Tanzania and the closest secondary school is over 20 miles from your home. You suggest renting a room with a family in town near the school, but your parents […]


Do Your Homework!

As a child, you probably hated hearing this from your parents. As a donor to ARDF, you now can say this to us! And we are doing our homework—each and every time we receive a project for review. The work starts long before a project is up for approval. Using our networks in the Global […]

Fiwila Mission, Zambia

School’s Out for the Summer

Everyone celebrates the end of the school year. But does it make sense to close a school completely down during vacation? In Zambia, a new ARDF project will expand the Teacher Training College at Fiwila Mission and offer agricultural training when the students are on holiday. This creative, flexible use facility will address two key […]

A group of Kenyan farmers benefited from an agricultural training program called “Farming God’s Way” that stressed increased crop yields and soil enrichment.

Farming God’s Way

Do you have a garden where you grow fruit and vegetables? Are you having a good harvest this year? For many of us, a backyard garden is a luxury. We get fresh vegetables and we enjoy being outside as we work in the garden. If our plants don’t do well we are disappointed, but we […]

Relocated villagers in East Malaysia have a completed place to worship, thanks to an ARDF grant

Promises Kept in Malaysia

Finally, after years of waiting, the villagers of  “Bengoh Dam Resettlement Scheme” have a place to worship! Why is the area called “Dam Resettlement Scheme?” Because four indigenous villages were displaced to make way for a new hydroelectric dam in Sarawak, East Malaysia. They were moved to a new development, built by the contractor constructing […]

Archbishops from South America, Rwanda, Myanmar stand with an Australian Bishop at an ARDF meeting in Singapore

Commitment not Colonialism

ARDF was in Wheaton, Illinois last week for our Global Council Meeting with our Global Trustees. Our unique development model means that US stakeholders do not select which projects get funded by ARDF. Sure, we have researchers for due diligence and to ensure that the projects we fund will be sustainable and effective, transforming lives […]


Pygmy Progress

Last fall, we told you about a project to fund a school for marginalized Pygmies in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Half way through the project, the school building is nearly complete and on track to begin receiving students in September 2017! I am member of the Mamba Village; I am helping as a builder […]


Love Thy Neighbor

ARDF went to the 2017 Justice Conference in Chicago last week. The theme was “Love Thy Neighbor.” While many of us might think of doing justice work as an add-on to the real work of spreading the Gospel, several conference speakers – including Scott Arbeiter of World Relief and Pastor Ed Rene Kivitz of Agua […]