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Nepal VIsion Trip 2018

“It was a Joy”

Do you remember exactly where you were two years ago? Probably not. However, for those in Nepal, they will never forget the days following the devastating earthquakes of April 2015. Earlier this year, a team of Americans traveled to Nepal to visit Anglican churches hardest hit by the earthquake. ARDF is in partnership with the […]

TwoKasai Farmers

“Working Together is the Key of Our Success”

‘’We are working together because it is the key of our success. ‘’ – A couple from Bondo Kanyinda in the Diocese of Two Kasai An ARDF project is helping farmers in the Diocese of Two Kasai by teaching farming skills, giving out seeds, and providing agricultural extension services. When the Diocese applied for an […]

PittMarathon copy

Running for a Promise in Pittsburgh

For the fourth year in a row, young Anglicans from Pittsburgh will be running the Pittsburgh Marathon to raise funds for ARDF! Who are they are why are they running? Support a Runner! This year, these athletes are running in support of the Diocese of Kuching, where an ARDF project is raising funds to finish […]


Disaster Floods Peru

Donate Now A brutal rainy season is taking its toll on the country of Peru. A hilly, desert nation—one not associated with heavy rains—Peru is experiencing severe flooding due to an El Nino phenomenon that is producing severe downpours with ten times the normal amount of rainfall for the season. Authorities predict the rains will […]

All Saint's Church in the Diocese of Kuching

Broken Promises in Malaysia

Donate Now! When was the last time someone broke a promise to you? Can you imagine the frustration of a minority population having no leverage to get what is rightfully theirs? This is the current situation in Kuching, Malaysia. In 2005, indigenous villagers of Sarawak (East Malaysia) were displaced to pave the way for construction of a […]


Pancakes Draw a Crowd for Famine Relief

By Jeff Walton, Restoration Anglican Church, Arlington, VA Shrove Tuesday is a time of abundance at my Virginia parish. Volunteers at our annual pancake dinner served up 400 pancakes, 16 pounds of bacon, 90 sausage links, 6 pounds of strawberries, 6 gallons of orange juice, 2 gallons of milk, and a table full of toppings. But on […]

Bill Haley and Daniel Pun

Slum as Sacrament – A Jerusalem in Kathmandu

By Rev. Bill Haley, ARDF-US Trustee & Executive Director of Coracle (where this article is also posted ) 03/03/2017 – The slum of Danaseri in Kathmandu, Nepal is a sacred place on par with the island of Iona in Scotland, St. Peter’s in Rome, Jerusalem, and Lourdes. Danaseri doesn’t look like much at first glance. It […]