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Lent 2018 Week 1: Promoting Good Health through Safe Education in Ghana

This flu season has been terrible across the United States. NBC News reports that according to federal health officials, it’s breaking records.

Many of us are adapting our habits because of it. We wash our hands, we cough into our arms, and we avoid close quarters. Church for the Sake of Others (C4SO), a diocese in the Anglican Church of North America published, “9 Ways to Flu-Proof Your Parish” to offer guidance.

But what if you have no option but to live in overcrowded quarters? What if staying healthy meant dropping out of school?

Students at St. John’s Anglican High School, Tamale, Ghana

In Ghana, an overcrowded girls dormitory at St. John’s Anglican School means that diseases spread quickly, posing a health risk for the entire school. The Diocese of Tamale, Ghana is building a new dormitory for girls which will both boost female enrollment by over 300% and keep health risks in check.

It is encouraging that there is a huge demand for education, especially for girls, in this region of Ghana. Five years ago, the district had only four secondary schools for 11,049 potential students. St. John’s was established in response to this need. Even with the new school, 36% of girls aged 15 and older have never attended school. And of those who have attended some schooling, only three percent have attended secondary school. Students often live far from school and therefore need housing in order to continue their education. The infrastructure must keep up with demand so that more girls may be educated – in an environment that will keep them healthy and safe!

The diocese has already secured the land and labor. Architectural designs have been approved. A grant from ARDF will provide the materials and furnishings. Students will pay a modest amount for housing which will cover electrical and maintenance costs, making upkeep of the dormitory sustainable.

Over the past 40 years, the Diocese of Tamale has implemented community development projects. These have included numerous primary and junior high schools as well as health facilities.

The next time you are near someone who seems sick, will you pray for these female students in Ghana who desperately want to continue their education in a healthy and safe environment?

Lord, we praise You for the increasing availability of educational opportunities in Ghana. We pray for St. John’s Anglican High School in Tamale, Ghana. We pray that those who will receive education as a result of this project will also receive You into their heart.

How to contribute? $304 covers the construction costs for one girl.

Donate to this project.

Read our evaluation of a completed hostel built in Uganda with ARDF funds.

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