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Lent 2018 Week 5: Two for One in Zambia

Here in the States, is easy to celebrate a break from school. But does it make sense to close a school completely down during vacation? In Zambia, a new ARDF project will expand the Teacher Training College at Fiwila Mission and offer agricultural training when the students are on holiday. This creative, flexible use facility […]


Amazon Smile Supports ARDF!

If you have never purchased from Amazon Smile, now is the time! Amazon is tripling the donation amount when customers make their first eligible purchase until the end of March. Here is how it works: Visit Select The Anglican Relief and Development Fund as the charity you wish to support. Then shop til you […]

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Lent 2018 Week 2: Caring for Christians in Pakistan

Have you ever faced discrimination? Has someone looked down at you for any reason? We all have felt this at times. In Pakistan, extreme Islamization has led to increased discrimination against Christians. Many children are orphaned when their parents are killed or are forced into Muslim marriages. Seventy-five percent live below the poverty line. Without […]


Free Gift of Lent Resource from ACNA!

Ash Wednesday is here! This year, the Anglican Church in North America is providing the Church a resource, in the form of a website –, to support the Lenten disciplines of prayer and almsgiving. We are familiar with prayer, but in some quarters of the church “Almsgiving” during Lent has fallen out of focus. […]


Lent 2018: God’s Grace is Sufficient

Give a Gift to ARDF for Lent This page will help you pray through the various ARDF projects highlighted in the 2018 Lenten Prayer Guide. Week of March 18 – Two for One in Zambia Who uses your school building after the kids leave for the day? Many schools host community groups and sports teams. […]