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ARDF’s 2013 Lenten Resources Focus on Development in Brazil


Lent: A Time to Give


Lent has traditionally been a season in the Church calendar when special offerings are collected for the poor. Please consider supporting one of our high-impact, sustainable development projects in the impoverished northeastern region of Brazil during lent this year.

To help you, your congregation, and your family pray for and learn about our work in Brazil, ARDF is pleased to offer a Lenten Prayer and Giving Guide, Mite Boxes (small boxes to collect donations), and a Lenten Bible Study Program.

Bible Study: God’s Purpose in Mission

Julie Cosgrove, a devotional writer, Christian novelist, and speaker created this year’s Lenten Bible Study Program. In the study you will,

  • Hear stories about people living in South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Myanmar and Brazil.
  • See more clearly what ARDF is doing to meet their needs, and how the change you place in your Mite Box changes lives.
  • Understand how the work of ARDF stems from Biblical roots.

Day-care-children-1Focus: Northeastern Brazil

In July 2011, after days of heavy rain, the Paraiba River overflowed its banks, devastating 26 cities and leaving over 12,000 people homeless. The government immediately declared a state of emergency, but for many in northeastern Brazil–already the poorest region in the country–the destruction was overwhelming.

In the town of Itapua homes were swept away and other buildings damaged or destroyed including St. Stephen’s Anglican Church which was condemned by the government and demolished soon after the flood waters subsided. This was a significant loss for the people of Itapua. St. Stephen’s had long played a central role in mobilizing and uniting this rural community, offering worship services, agricultural training, Bible studies, meals, classes for women, and events for children.

Thankfully, the government has provided safe land above the flood zone to rebuild the church, but without the money needed to buy materials and hire contractors construction would remain at a standstill.

ARDF has been asked to partner with the people of St. Stephen’s to rebuild their church so that they can continue to provide much needed services to this endemically poor community. Find out more about this project on our Regions page.

Other development projects in Brazil include partnering with Christ the Liberator Anglican Church to construct a vocational training center which will provide vital job training, literacy and computer classes, and professional help for students with disabilities.

Please consider walking with us as we walk with the poor this Lenten season. Donate online.

Children-eating“We love because he first loved us.”

I John 4:19 

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