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Advent 2017


Advent 2017

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This year, your Advent gift will be used to empower the church to strengthen local communities in need all across the globe. At ARDF, we believe that the local church is often the most effective way to  enact change.

Use these links to learn more about the projects and the partners highlighted in the 2017 Advent Prayer Guide.


Read what Archbishop Mouneer Anis has to say about the status of the church in Cairo, and the impact of reaching out to Syrian refugees. Learn more about the Church in Egypt’s ministry to refugees here.

South Sudan’s famine has been an ongoing tragedy. Read more here, hear, and here. And a summary article was recently featured in the Advent 2017 Issue of The Apostle.

The Church of the Apostles held a backpack drive for their neighbors, many of whom lost everything in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Here is another reflection on the lives transformed during this tragedy.

Meanwhile, for college students volunteering in Jacksonville, Florida, “It was a Beautiful Experience.”

Watch this 3 minute video to hear Rev Bill Haley’s full comment on the role of the North American Church. Read about our 2018 Vision Trips here.

On December 14, our Executive Director wrote out these thoughts. Read about the Ghana and Pakistan projects he mentions.

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