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ARDF strengthens communities in the developing world by empowering the local church.

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  • Lent 2018 Week 1: Promoting Good Health through Safe Education in Ghana


    This flu season has been terrible across the United States. NBC News reports that according to federal health officials, it’s breaking records. Many of us are adapting our habits because of it. We wash our hands, we cough into our arms, and we avoid close quarters. Church for the Sake of Others (C4SO), a diocese […]

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  • Ash Wednesday Prayers for Healing in Cameroon


    Last week we excitedly shared how a project in Uganda is poised to open a community medical center. As we start the season on Lent, we are asking you to join us in prayer for another community health project – this time in Cameroon. Jesus’s fame spread as he spread the gospel and healed the […]

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  • Free Gift of Lent Resource from ACNA!


    Ash Wednesday is here! This year, the Anglican Church in North America is providing the Church a resource, in the form of a website –, to support the Lenten disciplines of prayer and almsgiving. We are familiar with prayer, but in some quarters of the church “Almsgiving” during Lent has fallen out of focus. […]

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