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  • Fast for Famine Relief

    Famine Button (v3)

    Did you know that there is a devastating famine occurring in South Sudan, a country where a violent civil war has already created a refugee crisis? Don’t worry if you haven’t heard a thing. The US news outlets have barely been covering it! ARDF is partnering with the Bishop of Wau on the ground to deliver […]

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  • Mustard Seeds


    This week the ARDF US Trustees are meeting in Raleigh, NC at Holy Trinity Anglican. They will gather with ARDF staff to both celebrate and strategize. Our board is great! They are thoughtful, gospel loving folks who feel passionate about global missions and the great commission. Since this group last met in October, eight new […]

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  • If I Had a Hammer…


    Update from the Field In October, we wrote about the success of a 2014 vocational training school in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was so successful that in May 2016, a second such school was approved—in a different town. Now we have received a report that the building for the new school has been constructed—indeed, […]

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