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ARDF strengthens communities in the developing world by empowering the local church.

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  • Farming God’s Way

    A group of Kenyan farmers benefited from an agricultural training program called “Farming God’s Way” that stressed increased crop yields and soil enrichment.

    Do you have a garden where you grow fruit and vegetables? Are you having a good harvest this year? For many of us, a backyard garden is a luxury. We get fresh vegetables and we enjoy being outside as we work in the garden. If our plants don’t do well we are disappointed, but we […]

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  • “It is Human Nature” – Relief Update 2017

    Famine Button (v3)

    “It is human nature. As they grow up, they keep killing each other!” These words from Archbishop Daniel Deng of Sudan are depressing. And indeed the situation in South Sudan is heartbreaking. With the worst humanitarian crisis occurring since World War II, the fact that over 20 million people in four countries are starving seems […]

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  • Promises Kept in Malaysia

    Relocated villagers in East Malaysia have a completed place to worship, thanks to an ARDF grant

    Finally, after years of waiting, the villagers of  “Bengoh Dam Resettlement Scheme” have a place to worship! Why is the area called “Dam Resettlement Scheme?” Because four indigenous villages were displaced to make way for a new hydroelectric dam in Sarawak, East Malaysia. They were moved to a new development, built by the contractor constructing […]

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